Studying Here and Abroad



In Faculty 1, Physics and Electrical Engineering, we gladly welcome students from all over the world. We cooperate with many universities and research institutes worldwide and have currently more than 300 students from 50 different countries. 


The master programme Postgraduate Programme of Environmental Physics (PEP) started in the year 2000 as the first study programme in faculty 1. Soon, the master study programme CIT - Communication and Information Technology as well as IAE - Information and Automation Engineering followed. The international PhD programme Physics International Postgraduate Programme (PIP) has been established in 2002. The programme includes PhD students from both courses: Physics and Electrical Engineering.

Studying Physics and Electrical Engineering


Information for foreign students:

Studying abroad


It is a pleasure for us to encourage and support our students when they plan studying abroad. Already within the 5th semester of the bachelor, when elected courses are focused, students have the possibility, passing one semester abroad.We also offer the opportunity for all master students in order to aquire and deepen their language skills as well as gaining professional and personal experiences. 


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