Archiviertes Physik-Kolloquium:

06. Nov. 2014, 16:15 Uhr, Gebäude NW1, Raum H3

Towards a predictive theory of nanostructures

Prof. Gabriel Bester, Univ. Hamburg, Physikalische Chemie

Semiconductor nanostructures exhibit a large range of interesting properties with potential technological applications. This situation has fueled an international effort with rapid progress in different areas of research, such as optics, transport, epitaxial growth or nanochemistry. These structures also conceal a multiplicity of fundamental questions about "confined matter" and the emergence of quantum mechanical effects. I will describe recent methodological advances to properly connect experimental evidence with a predictive, ab-initio, theory. This involves the calculation of not only ground state properties, but mostly excitations (optics, transport, vibrations) for structures that often contain many thousands if not millions of atoms. I will highlight the reached accuracy in the case of semiconductor quantum dots and will describe the next big challenges we are now facing at the center of ultrafast imaging (CUI) in Hamburg.