Archiviertes Physik-Kolloquium:

25. Jun. 2015, 16:15 Uhr, Gebäude NW1, Raum H3

AWECS: The Antarctic Winter Ecosystem Climate Experiment

Prof. Dr. Peter Lemke, AWI Bremerhaven

Polar regions play an important role in the climate system since the temperature contrast between tropics and poles significantly affects the wind systems and ocean currents on our planet. For a long time climate relevant processes in polar regions were only rarely investigated and poorly understood. With the development of remote sensing satellites and powerful research icebreakers polar regions are currently much better understood. After briefly presenting selected topics from 40 years of climate and polar research, the talk will focus on the last winter expedition with the research icebreaker Polarstern in 2013, during which climate and ecosystem measurements have been performed.